Do Women Trust Your Dealership?

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Let’s start off with some statistics on women and their dealership experience:

  • 50 percent are dissatisfied with the car they end up purchasing
  • 77 percent feel they need to bring a male with them to the dealership
  • They spend $500 more on their vehicle compared to men

What are you doing to gain the trust of women — who make up 85 percent of those purchasing new vehicles either for themselves or their household?

Both online and in person, there are changes big and small a dealership can make to cater to women and make them feel more comfortable visiting your business.

When over three-quarters of women feel they need to bring a man with them to be treated fairly, getting them to trust you is critical for long-term success and to help drive revenue.

How does a dealership gain trust?

Request Reviews

Did your female customer have a good experience at your dealership? Encourage her to write an online review about it. According to CBT Automotive News, “Women are 50 percent more likely than men to rely on dealership reviews and they prefer reading reviews from women.”

Women are loyal to good service, a study by Erasmus University found, whereas men are more brand-loyal. If a female customer had a satisfactory customer journey and writes a positive review, more women are likely to be persuaded to give that business a try.

Build a Relationship

Every customer looking to purchase a vehicle, or in need of service, deserves respect. Regardless of gender, customers simply gravitate toward those they deem trustworthy. When sales or service representatives take the time to listen to a customer and ask the right questions, it increases the likelihood of higher satisfaction and revenue.

  • 73 percent said they will service their car at that dealership in the future if they received excellent service
  • More than half said they would bring their car back for service at the dealership where they purchased their vehicle

Relationship building starts before the point of sale and continues well after. This drives retention and increases dealership revenue without the cost of conquest.


Most vehicle research is completed online, and yet most dealership websites are built to sell cars with marketing strategies that lack emotion or connection. Showcasing vehicle inventory and listing the number of vehicles you have available will hardly build trust or show any real benefit to visiting your dealership for a test drive. What’s the difference between your hundreds of vehicles and your competitor’s hundreds of vehicles?

Sharing why your vehicles are safer and stronger, and built with features that highlight what matters to women, will indicate that your dealership is ready to connect with women and their needs.

This includes the service center. What amenities do you offer to ensure women will want to return to you for service? Do you have a children’s area? Free rental? Shuttle service? What magazines do you have out in the waiting room? It’s important to communicate to your customers, and potential customers, what sets you apart from other service centers.

Another way to connect with women is through email. Guided Selling has found that “women are more likely to respond to email marketing,” and emails that “educate, empower and provide reassurance” are the best way to reach them.

Encourage Referrals

People talk. If your dealership becomes known as a trustworthy place for women to shop for and service their cars, they will share this with others. Referrals not only show that your dealership is catering to the customer, but are also one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire and retain new customers.

Providing incentives for referrals is one way to encourage your customers to spread the word about your dealership.

Putting these practices in place will help you build trust with female customers – and see more of them eager to visit your dealership for sales and service. Of course, trust is important to men, too, and many of these tips appeal to anyone, regardless of gender, so it’s an overall win!

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